To create a Hub in the regions is one of the best opportunities to mobilize and strengthen the local community.
The aim of the Hub is to promote a common space for civil society interests and people with different experiences at the regional level. Creating a hub is a way of bringing innovation to our field and pushing for innovation and creating a long-term system platform.

The creation of a regional HUB will increase the influence of civil society members at the local level, establish new contacts, and increase the qualification and capacity of NGO representatives; Improve outcomes that will be implemented by collaborative activities; increase the resources and capacity of civil society; to plan and organize various activities; to support for Hub member organizations in project writing, financial management and public relations. The establishment of the Hub will also help to work on innovations that enhance and reinforce the role of civil society.

Regional Hub operates in four strategic areas:
Sp 1 – To increase financial stability of civil society;
SP 2 –To increase civil society accountability and improve public mood;
SP 3 – To strengthen the skills of civil society actors;
SP 4 - To increase the role of civil society actors in public policy;

HUB service areas