The 15th Annual Meeting of the Strasbourg Club

Local Democracy Agency Georgia participated in the 15th annual meeting of the Strasbourg Club European Solidarity Network from November 7-10, 2017. Strasbourg Club unites local authorities and organizations working on local democracy development. Eighteen countries and 30 cities were represented and included delegates from a mix of European Union and non-EU countries. 

The annual meeting was organized as part of the Strasbourg World Forum for Democracy / Forum mondial de la Démocratie , which is held each year at the Council of Europe and is attended by hundreds of youth delegates, NGOs, and government representatives. This year marked the 6th World Forum for Democracy, the theme was the Role of the Political Parties and Media in the Context of Rapidly Expanding Populism. 
LDA Georgia was actively involved in the forum and club sessions and shared examples of successful cooperation with Strasbourg, including the partnership project "Youth for Europe"as well as other experiences of citizen participation projects.

The Georgian delegation of Local Democracy Agency has already returned home and looks forward to working on new ideas and new opportunities for international partnership!